Accepted Papers

Pragmatic descriptions of perceptual stimuli
Emiel van Miltenburg

Replication issues in syntax-based aspect extraction for opinion mining
Edison Marrese Taylor and Yutaka Matsuo

Discourse Relations and Conjoined VPs: Automated Sense Recognition
Valentina Pyatkin and Bonnie Webber

Deception detection in Russian texts
Olga Litvinova, Pavel Seredin, Tatiana Litvinova and John Lyell

A Computational Model of Human Preferences for Pronoun Resolution
Olga Seminck and Pascal Amsili

Automatic Extraction of News Values from Headline Text
Alicja Piotrkowicz, Vania Dimitrova and Katja Markert

Assessing Convincingness of Arguments in Online Debates with Limited Amount of Features
Lisa Andreevna Chalaguine and Claudia Schulz

Zipf's and Benford's law in Twitter hashtags
José Alberto Pérez-Melián, J. Alberto Conejero and Cesar Ferri Ramírez

A Multi-aspect Analysis of Automatic Essay Scoring for Brazilian Portuguese
Adriano Veloso and Evelin Amorim

Detecting spelling variants in non-standard texts
Fabian Barteld

Literal or idiomatic? Identifying the reading of single occurrences of German multiword expressions using word embeddings
Rafael Ehren

Evaluating the Reliability and Interaction of Recursively Used Feature Classes for Terminology Extraction
Anna Hätty, Michael Dorna and Sabine Schulte im Walde