Eachur (also known as Aechur) is a small satellite town situated in Munderi panchayath Kannur District (Kerala, India).
It is about 10 km from Kannur. Eachur is near Kannur Mysore highway . It is from Eachur that road to Chakkarakkal and Anjarakkandi diverts from the state highway SH30. Eachur has a long cultural history dating back to 10th century. Signs of a great culture are found in ancient temples like Eachur kottam and Munderi Mahadevi Kshethram. Eachur Vayal, a large paddy field, spreads across about 6 sq.km. touching Munderi Vayal and Kanhirode and is one of the largest paddy fields in the state of Kerala. Currently , Eachur is one of the fastest growing commercial towns in Kannur district. Being easily reachable from various places and as a junction, Eachur has got prominence in the commercial map of kannur district. Also home to various schools and educational institutions like Nalanda College, the place has become a busy town. Eachur is expected to become one of the busiest towns in the district in near future owing to the proposed Kannur airport near Mattanur.