Juvenile Justice Center

Aaron J., Untitled Play in Progress (2015)
Abdul B., Freedom (2015)
AJ, Love Each Other Help Each Other (2007)
AJ., Addiction (2016)
Acie G., A Day in the Nolia (on the low) (2009)
Albert C., The Love of my Life (2010)
Alejandro V., Race Car Drama (2016)
Allen, Violence is not always the key (2006)
Allen B., Redemption Song (2005)
Anderson L., The Coyote and the Condor (2010)
Andre, East-Hmm and the Bear (2001)
Andre A., A Play (2003)
Angel C. The Not So Perfect Friendship (2008)
Angelo L., Life as a Planet: Don't Forget but Forgive (2007)
Angelo L., Brotherly Love (2008)
Anthony E., Family Hustle (2014)
Anthony L., Brotherly Love (2010)
Anthony W., Love vs. Respect (2007)
Anthony W., Ride or Die (2008)
Antoine, Sir Lion & His Mind (Love Peace Soul) (2002)
Antoine F., Life in Yellowstone Park (2001)
Antonio V,. The New Soul of the Heart (2006)
Augusto, Crazy in love (2007)
Bayron R., An Untitiled Play (2013)
Brandon L., Silly and Yellow (2017)
Byron R., A Rock and a Hard Spot (2016)
Byron W., Roses and Guns: The Adrenaline Rush (2003)
Carlos V., Life of the Critical (2005)
Carlos P., NASCOP - The Son of the Law (2007)
Carneil, I'm a Survivor (2006)
Cedric M., My Brother's Keeper (2005)
Charlie T., Untitled (2012)
Chris C., The Final Show (2009)
Chuck, Good vs Bad (2009)
Claudio M., Peace With The Ocean (2013)
Connor M., Life On The Milky Way (2014)
Connor M., The Rappy and Flows Show (2014)
Connor M., The Sparky and Beeps Show (2014)
Connie Jamar A., Family Sticks Together (2006)
Cori, A New Down, (2008)
Dalevoughn S., Love and Affection (2014)
Damarcus, Baby Star (2012)
Damillion W., Hard To Forget Home (2014)
Danny, Choices (2009)
Dantae B., An Ambivalent Oddyessy (2010)
Darrell P., Dying in Love (2007)
Darwin A., Institutionalization (2012)
Darwin A., Life's Own (2013)
Deandre H., Internal Affairs, (2007)
De'Andre, The Future King and the Future Family (2006)
DeAngelo, The Heavens and Beyond (2009)
DeAngelo C., Finding Peace Within (Under the Sea) (2008)
Delma, Mountain Ice (2001)
DaMarcus C., Baby Star (2012)
Demond, Lucky James Pawn Shop (2009)
Denzel, Change (2011)
Denzel, Family Drama (2012)
Deon A., Two Monologues (2002)
DeQuan M., Love Or Hate (2014)
DeQuan, Jealousy (2014)
DeQuan, Top Notch (2014)
Derrell T., Dang, Mom (2009)
Derrick M., Love and Loyalty (2017)
Devin O., Family and Politics (2007)
Diego, Working It Out (2002)
Diondre, A Play (2007)
Dominick T., Born in the Jungle (2013)
Donley T., A Play (2010)
Eddie B., The Argument (2014)
Eddie R., Can I Count on You (2008)
Edgar R., My Little Corner of the Big World (2008)
Edgar R., Always Loving You (2008)
Edgar R., Bye, Bye, My Love (2009)
Edward S., Odyssey (2014)
Edwards S., Something To Remember (2014)
Eizayah H., The Right Way To Go (2012)
Eizayah H., Webbie's Redemption (2013)
Elijah, Pagey's Dream (2015)
Ernest E., Never Listen to a Friend (2010)
Fabian, Blast Like a Shooting Star on the 4th of July (2006)
Fernando, Race to Happniess (2009)
Ferndando, Vineyard Live, Bunch Life (2010)
Franco, The Light at The End (2016)
Franklin, Rixotin (2006)
Hunter S, A Risky Choice (2012)
Hunter S., When Pluto Shines As A Sun (2013)
Jamal K., Sweet Home Sweet Home Dreams Can Always Come True (2004)
Jamel W., Flip Flop (2004)
Jameel, Divided Attention (2007)
Jaime P., Animal Hood (2014)
Jamie T., Big of Small (2006)
Javariea B., A Motherless Lion (2017)
Jay'Vonn M., The Gardenz (2011)
Jay'Vonn M., Hardtime (2012)
JD T., Duck, Duck, Squirrel (2004)
Jerimond H., The Fallout (2014)
Jerry, Untitled (2010)
Jerrold-Taey, Tornado (2001)
Jesus R., The Dreadful Thought (2005)
Joel A., A Play (2003)
Jian H., We Should Be Happy (2014)
Jian H., Dreams (2014)
John K., Olive The Next Reindeer (2011)
John M., The Greatest Fish in the World (2007)
John R., Decisions, Decisions (2009)
Jonathan E., The Milky Way Family (2015)
Jordyn C., The Rhythym to the Melody (2017)
Jose D., The Race (2010)
Joseph W., A Play (2002)
Joseph, Joe and Shiny's Duel for Dreams (2001)
Joseph M., That's The Definition of Love (2008)
Josh, You Only Got 'til Tomorrow (2006)
Josh P., Mother and Son (2007)
Juan, Spinning Peace (2014)
Juan., An Apes Friend (2011)
Juan, Legends (2012)
Julian, Nothing But Love (2007)
Karima, The Heart Hotel Room (2001)
Kennith,The Unexpected (2012)
Keith, Flesh and Bones (2006)
Keith, Love Never Sleeps (2016)
Kennieth M., Forbidden Attraction (2012)
Kenya C. Dangerous Sneaked (2012)
Kevin, In the Heart of the Forest (2009)
Kevin, Street Life (2009)
Kevin W., I Thought It Was All on Me (2008)
Kelvin, Strong Love (2014)
Kelvin B., Confused True Love (2014)
L.C. Hard Struggles in the Flats (2009)
Lamu F., Life Is What You Make It (2004)
Lathritaha, For the Love of the Family (2001)
Lendell V., Smothered Responsibility (2007)
Lendell V., Adolescent Adults (2007)
Lionel G., My Hand on my Money (2007)
Lionel G., True Love Hurts the Most (2007)
Loyd R., The Brothers: Friends With A Fire (2002)
Luciano V., The Complicated Situation (2015)
Luis, Fatherhood (2011)
Luis B., A Stranger Aside Me (2004)
Luis Q., Character Profile Number 3 (2015)
Malachi B., A King To Be And His Sister (2005)
Marcelles C., The Route of the Gold Eagle (2010)
Marlon, Marlon's Play (2009)
Marvin C., A Dog's Life (2007)
Marques C., Family Drama! (2014)
Marquez, Quez Play (2010)
Matthew H., Steppin' Out (2010)
Matthew B., Wanting to Live n' Grow Old (2007)
Maurice, Rock Solid (2001)
Maurice, Belly Of the Beast (2002)
Maurice H., Deep Love (2005)
Maurice D., Brotherly Love (2017)
Michael, Love Don't Cost A Thing (2008)
Michael, Straight from the Tag (2009)
Michael C., Love (2007)
Michael J., A Thin Lin Between Love and Hate (2008)
Michael R., Tragedy of Two Brothers (2007)
Michael S., I'm Hood (2007)
Michael T., Music With No Rap (2001)
Michael V., Getting me Nowhere (2007)
Miguel H., Breakthrough (2017)
Mike, Untitled (2011)
Mo, Character Profile #3 (2008)
Nairobi C., Battle Between Love And Hate (2001)
Nelson Q., Nelson Q (2009)
Nelson, Drizzle the Whirlwind (2009)
Nick, Misunderstood Childhood (2007)
Nicolas R. G., El Futuro de Brujo y su Familia (2003)
Naufaha a.k.a. DJ, Family Struggles (2008)
Omari M., Family First (2008)
Padilla A., Freedom With Pain (2002)
Peter M., Family Dilemma (2017)
Phil M., Family First (2009)
Phillip S., Hard Times (2008)
Quez, A Race for Love (2010)
Quincy H., Mad's Dream (2014)
Raheem J., The Heights (2011)
Raheem J., The Fast Lane (2012)
Rasace F., King of The Wild (2016)
Raymon H., Dogs In The Hood (2015)
Raven C., 2 monologues (2002)
Rey, Love Never Fades Away (2009)
Ricardo C., The Switch of a Light (2003)
Richard, Father Son Bond (2007)
Rico A., Baby Boy (2004)
Rico S, Manhood (2012)
Rodolfo, Ducky, the lost Ducky (2010)
Ronnie W., Off Top (2001)
Roy, Lot Of Different Ways To Manipulate Through The Dog Life (2002)
Samantha L., Cat Fight (2002)
Sebastian, Tough Love (2015)
Shabaka T., Know Yourself (2016)
Shane H., The Big Race (2015)
Shaquille D., You Only Find Love Once (2012)
Standley R., A play in one act (2002)
Stephonn, What's The Problem (2002)
Steve L., Is this really what you want? (2010)
Steven, SC Play (2009)
Tee, Change Up (2016)
Teo B., The Way Love Works (2001)
Travis J., Lovers of Friends (2012)
Trey, Til Our Nine Lives Die (2009)
Tiffany, Together to the End (2002)
Tommy, Untitled (2015)
Tonette M., Monkey Drama Problems (2002)
Tyron B., Untitled Play (2016)
Uluao, Snake (2009)
Uluao, Faith (2009)
Ulysses G., Anger vs. Hate (2014)
Vernon C., Not Friends, But Family (2007)
Vicente C., Soul-Ar Mates (2013)
Walter B., There's Something I Want, But I Got A Problem (2003)
William, Torn (2006)