I learned to work with others and use my imagination. I learned to use my mind instead of TV shows and write a play.
        - Kristine, young playwright

I gave learned a lot from you, you have gave me knowlege about AIDS and HIV, pregancey and provention. I hope to see you again and learn more...
        -Justeen, young playwright
I learned a lot from what you taught us. For example, HIV and STD provention, now I know what AIDS are and how to protect your self. Another thing I learned is advice on life. Thank you for coming in are class and giving us advice.
        -Jorge, young playwright
l learned how much a baby costs for the things they need!!! 
         - Tiffany, 15, Healthy Choices  

I learned that if I think and concentrate, anything can happen.
- Josh, 17, young playwright
I thought it sounded like fun, but the first few days, I was like Oh my God! How am I going to do this? They wouldn't tell me what to write! ...It had to come from me. And then, I got the hang of it...
         —Della, young playwright

I learned that I don’t have to be pissed off all the time and that people help you and care.
        - Daniel, 18, young playwright
Thank you so much! I am an ex-prostitute. I want to help get girls out!!
        -Cassandra, 15, Healthy Choices

"I appreciate you coming to teach us about AIDS because now I have a less chance of getting it because of the knowledge I gained from the pass three sessions. Finally, I would like to tell you, your class was fun and I would like to take it again sometime."
        -Carlos, young playwright
I learned wow to stop and think about what to do when I’m pressured, especially for sex.
         - Maria, 16, Healthy Choices
I learned a lot of things, and I'll always be gratefull for that, you and the program.
         - Marlon, young playwright
My favorite part of the project was how the mentors were so committed to us. I learned I could do something if I put my heart into it, that I can write an excellent play. I CAN be what I want to be.
         - Yvonne, young playwright

I learned a lot of people are kinda shy or they feel it's stupid to participate. Don't be shy, just have fun. I learned to express myself and to just write everything down. It doesn't even matter if it is hot.
         -  Sandra R, 16, young writer
Domestic violence can happen to anyone but there are signs I can watch for.
         - Tia, 14, Health Choices
I appreciate you telling us how to be safe with sex. I learned a lot about how you could get HIV and not how to get it. I think your a grate teacher and knows a lot about how to stay safe...
         -  Francisco, 17, Keeping It Safe
“I feel that the way I wrote my play came straight from the heart. It was really important to me. I learned that what you write can make people understand where you're coming from. I learned that everyone has different opinions and thoughts....” 
         -  Christina, young playwright
I learned how to apologize and work out problems.
         -  Jamiya, 13, Health Choices

I think that's been the best feeling I've ever had in my life . Seeing my play an my words come to life was amazing. Nothing makes my heart feel better. Seeing the actors, the words, the people crying — that shows me that what I have in here, can really affect people and  touch people's souls.     
        -  Mario, young playwright