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This site is an archive for my fanfiction, original fiction and a collection of links to fanfiction/slash sites. The links page will be updated whenever I find a site I like others to know about.

Any comments and feedback about the stories or this website are very much appreciated. I can be contacted via email.

Fanfiction links collection

LOTR, Starsky & Hutch and miscellaneous fanfic links.

Starsky & Hutch Fan Fiction

  • Me&Thee Secret Santa 2007 Files 
  • "Theseus Redux" 
  • "Going Home" snippets set
  • "Taste"
  • "The Tiny Frogs Jumped" 
  • "It was only a paper cut!" 
  • "Don't Touch"

Other Stories

  • "Costume Party?" (Alexander/Hephaistion written as Glorfindel/Erestor, LOTR)
  • "Somebody with whom to dance" ('Maurice' by E.M. Forster)
  • Pil (Original fiction)

My LiveJournal

My soap-box. Fiction, odds and ends, links and thoughts about a whole lot of different stuff. You are welcome to friend me if you wish. I post the stories that are archived here, there too.