To improve public health, improve the environment, and accelerate a clean energy market, the EAC is encouraging residents, businesses and organizations to switch to and use clean and renewable energy. 

To switch to clean energy, consumers can choose which type of energy to buy from energy suppliers. To help choose, please visit the supplier information links listed below, review the supplier information and contracts very carefully, and then sign up with the supplier you choose.

For more information on clean energy and switching suppliers, visit the Pennsylvannia Public Utility Commission's (PUC) PA Power Switch website: *

To understand the charges listed on your energy bills, visit the PUC's PA Power Switch website:  *

Find out more about conserving energy and reducing your carbon footprint on our "Save Energy" page. 

Sources of energy supplier information:

Visit for the most up-to-date pricing from clean energy suppliers. , created by volunteer Joel Schilling, is an independent source that provides information on local green electricity products and prices. It keeps current with residential rate quotes from companies tracked and registered with the PA PUC. It gives residents the information and choice they need to protect the environment while saving on their utility bills.*

Shop the PUC website for residental electricity pricing at *

Find purchase options and pricing information from PECO at *.

Some energy choice history:

The Pennsylvania Alternative Energy Portfolio Standards Act (AEPS), signed into law in 2004, requires electric distribution companies and electric generation suppliers in Pennsylvania to supply 18 percent of their electricity using alternative energy resources by 2020, *.

In 2006, the Abington Township Board of Commissioners passed a resolution to purchase 20 percent of all municipal buildings’ electricity from clean, renewable energy sources by 2010. The EAC's goal was to encourage at least 200 new households each year to purchase clean renewable energy.  This initiative to switch to cleaner energy contains several steps, starting with the Township’s participation in the Pennsylvania Clean Energy Communities Campaign, *. The Pennsylvania Clean Energy Communities Campaign *, a non-profit partnership between the Pennsylvania Sustainable Development Fund and SmartPower*,  encourages communities to support clean energy in order to improve public health, accelerate a clean energy market and improve the environment.

The Pennsylvania electricity market opened up to consumer choice with the deregulation of the electric power grid on December 31, 2010.


* By clicking on this link you will leave the EAC website and go to another website that is not associated with or endorsed by the EAC.