Community Gardens

A community garden is a garden owned by an organization that rents individual garden plots to members.  Each person gardens his or her own garden plot.  Most community garden require a membership fee and a security deposit.  Most also require the member to put in a certain amount of volunteer time.

Redeemer Valley Community Garden

In Abington Township:

The Sisters of the Holy Redeemer began a community garden in 2010.  The garden is open to all, and is located at the Provincialate of the Sisters of the Holy Redeemer, 521 Moredon Rd, Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006.  Memberships are available to anyone who would like to have their own small garden plot to grow themselves. Members are required to volunteer their time in the communal garden which grows food for the sisters, food cupboards, and farmer's markets.  Volunteers are also needed for community service projects.  For more information, visit their website , or contact Sister Ana Dura 215-914-4109 or ADura @ .

Robinson Park Community Garden

In Cheltenham Township:

This is a small but growing organic community garden in 5-acre Robinson Park in the center of historic Wyncote.  Each family can garden two four-foot by eight-foot plots with organic fruits and vegetables. The surplus gets donated to a local food bank.   The garden is located at Walt Land and Greenwood Avenue in the Wyncote section of Cheltenham township.  For more information, visit ,  call Rory Cohen at 215-884-1179, or email them via the website.

LaMott Community Garden

In Cheltenham Township:

This community garden is over 90 years old.  The future of the garden is threatened by the possible sale of the land by Temple University.  The garden is located on Graham Lane in the LaMott section of Cheltenham township.  For more information, visit ,  call 267-253-6947, or email

Benjamin Rush State Park Community Garden

In Northeast Philadelphia: 

The Benjamin Rush Community Garden is one of the world's largest community gardens, with over 11 acres of land set aside for the community to grow herbs, flowers and vegetables. It is located in the far northeastern reaches of Philadelphia. The area has been used for farming since the Comly Family farmed it in the early 1700's. The area has been used as a farm to support the Philadelphia State Hospital which was located across Roosevelt Boulevard prior to being decomissioned.  The community garden is a part of the Benjamin Rush State Park, and is managed by the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation of Natural Resources.

Community Gardens at the Morris Arboretum

In Chestnut Hill:

The Community Gardens at the Morris Arboretum are located across the road from the Morris Arboretum's main entrance.  The Community Gardens at the Morris Arboretum provide over 100 garden plots for seasonal rentals.  Local gardeners enjoy nurturing a bit of earth, while growing relationships among fellow gardeners.  Each garden plot is approximately 15 by 20 feet.  They are available for a yearly fee ($30 in 2010) to individuals who hold memberships with the Chestnut Hill Community Association or the Morris Arboretum. 

Schuylkill Center Community Garden 

In Roxborough: 

The Schuylkill Center’s Organic Community Garden is comprised of 481 plots, each measuring roughly 16’ x 20’.  One can find towering yellow corn, bright red heirloom tomatoes, meandering flower beds, and more growing side by side in this maze of plots.  Some plants are chosen to attract bees from the adjacent apiary.  Gardeners grow produce and vegetables for their family, friends, churches, restaurants; and local food banks.  Some use their plot to create an outdoor oasis to escape to. The gardens serve as an excellent place to learn new greenthumb techniques, enjoy the company of fellow gardeners, and take in the beautiful scenery the area. For more information please call Claire Morgan, Garden Plot Coordinator, at 215.482.7300 x 120, or email More info at: