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Environmental Advisory Council
Montgomery County,  PA 19001
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Help Abington go green!

It's easy.  The volunteers of the EAC are here to help you, your family, neighbors and friends go green. We work with residents, local organizations, businesses and the township to provide a clean and healthy environment for our community. 
Learn how you can make a difference!
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 Measuring Progress in Abington
Abington Township was recently selected for a community leadership program. The STAR Communities program enables us to track our performance and compare to, and learn from, other communities committed to livability and economic viability.  As the first national rating system of its kind, the STAR Communities Rating SystemTM has seven areas to measure progress over the long term: https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/?tab=3m#inbox/14d1fa692295d719?compose=14d529604725cb6d&projector=1
The Rydal-Meadowbrook Civic Assocation and EAC hosted a public forum on May 12, 2015 to discuss future progress. Volunteers are needed to help gather information and develop future plans. For more information or to volunteer, email AbingtonSTAR@gmail.com . For STAR Communitities info, visit STARCommunities.org .
Help Keep Abington Beautiful 
We need your help to beautify and clean-up our parks and public spaces. Clean-ups are a great way to make a difference in your neighborhood. We report our results to the Great American Cleanup of PA.* In Pennsylvania last year, 136,000 volunteers picked up 6.3 million pounds of litter and planted over 31,000 trees, plants and flowers. What a difference! We provide free snacks, gloves, safety vests, trash bags and tools.
For more info and photos, visit our Earth Day page or email us:  

Fri. 5/29 9:00-1:00 Roslyn Park, meet at the Marsden Soccer Field parking lot at Susquehanna Rd and Artman Street.

Visit our table at these events:
Saturday May 16, 11:00-1:00, Collins Nursery Open House,
773 Roslyn Avenue, Glenside, PA   19038

Attend a workshop:
Monday June 8, 2015 7:00 pm
Roslyn branch of Abington Library, 2412 Avondale Ave, Roslyn 19001

Help fight pollution.
Collect your free rain water to lower your water bill 
~ use for lawn, garden or washing cars ~ 
Keep rain water run-off out of our streets and sewers to reduce pollution in streams, have cleaner water, and lower our water treatment and sewage costs.  ~ learn to make your own barrel ~

 Attend to get $10 off a rain barrel
  Custom colors & painted art barrels, for info, scroll down or click here  

Abington Township E-Cycling events

Recycle your old electronics  -  "Anything with a plug"
Saturday June 20, 2015
Saturday November 7, 2015
Saturday February 27, 2016

9:00 am - 1:00 pm
Abington Township Public Works Facility
2201 Florey Lane, Abington PA 19001 (on left)
Details at:  http://www.abington.org/refuse/2015-2016%20elec.pdf  *
Please bring a canned food item,

 peanut butter or jelly 

to donate to the Abington Food Cupboard   Thank you! 


Abington Township Paper Shred events 

Residents only - free paper shredding - NO BUSINESSES 
Protect yourself from identity theft by shredding old documents 
Saturday, August 15, 2015 at Abington Junior High 
Saturday, October 17, 2015 at Highway Yard 
Saturday, April 9, 2016 at Highway Yard 
The Highway Yard  is the Abington Township Public Works Facility at
2201 Florey Lane, Abington PA 19001 (on left) 
Details at: http://www.abington.org/refuse/2015-2016%20shredding.pdf *

Please bring a canned food item, peanut butter or jelly
to donate to the Abington Food Cupboard.  
Thank you!


More recycling info from Abington Twp...

Why Rain Barrels?
Learn how you can make a difference.

You can help the environment by collecting the rain-water from your roof and gutters with a rain barrel. By holding back rain-water during a storm, your rain barrels help lessen pollution, flooding, and erosion. With less rain-water running off the land, less pollution will flow into our creeks and rivers (which supply our drinking water). You can feel good knowing that you are making a difference

Collecting and using your rain-water can also save you money on your water and sewer bills. Use the rain-water to water lawns, gardens and landscaping, fill fountains and ponds, and wash cars and other items.

Shown in green (painted)

Shown in blue (unpainted)

Dogwood art barrel

 *Buy a custom-made barrel*

Pond art rain barrel painted by an AJHS student

More rain barrel information here

View Prices, Order Form & Color Chart

Custom artist-painted barrels are available to order, email 


See more art barrel photos on the EAC's



Want to save money on bills?
You may be able to save money on your energy bills by switching from PECO to another energy supplier (electricity and natural gas). How do you choose which company to buy from? You can decide based on price, clean energy options, or local sources. 
For information on switching, visit the PA Public Utility Commission at  http://www.papowerswitch.com/ *. 
To get details on clean energy suppliers,  
visit "Make Ben Proud" at  www.MakeBenProud.com *.

Find your key to
Saving Money by Saving Energy

Learn how...

Please visit our "Save Energy" page.

Learn how you can save money by saving energy. 

Help us green your neighborhood!
Need a service project?
Volunteers needed
The EAC offers community service learning project ideas for volunteers, whether for school service learning requirements, Boy Scout, Girl Scout, mitzvah or other projects. We are looking for volunteers for the projects listed above and also for:
Building rain barrels
Public gardens and green space
Building raised vegetable beds and row covers
Tree plantings and maintenance
Mussel surveys in local streams
In October: Ocean Conservancy "International Coastal Cleanup" (litter cleanups)
In spring: "Great American Cleanup" (litter cleanups)
Hosting tables at public fairs and events (like the Abington Pre-Night Out)
Creating environmental videos
For more information, email eac.abington@gmail.com .


Help Abington Go Green!

Please help us make Abington greener and healthier for us all.

Everyone is welcome to attend our public meetings

on the second Wednesday of each month at 7:30 pm

at the Abington Township Building

1076 Old York Rd, Abington PA 19001,

in the second floor board room.

Our meetings are listed on the Abington Township calendar at


Volunteer information is listed below and on the Volunteer page.

You can make a difference.

For more information, please contact us at eac.abington@gmail.com


Congratulations to ASHS H2O For Life Club,

2014 Montgomery Award recipient 

ASHS H2O For Life Club receiving the award from Commissioner John Spiegelman 

The Abington Senior High School H2O For Life Club students and club sponsor Mary Rodgers, ASHS Service Learning Coordinator, have a mission:  to bring clean water to needy people around the world and to raise awareness of global and local water issues. They...
sponsor water projects in other countries
host an annual "Water Summit" with local leaders
host "Walk for Water"
clean-up streams
hold fantastically fun fundraising events

View the video of the award at the September 11, 2014 Board of Commissioners meeting, beginning at time 9:15 :  

The Montgomery Award is given annually by Abington Township. For more info, visit the Montgomery Award page.

Thank you to our 2014 project partners

Abington Township, Abington Township Commissioners, Abington Township Parks and Recreation Department, Abington School District, Abington Senior High School Service Learning Program, Abington Junior High School Green Thumbs Club, ASD Elementary Schools, Briar Bush Nature Center, Boy Scouts, Cheltenham Township and EAC, Girl Scouts, Glenside United Church of Christ, Friends of Hallowell Park, Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful, Meadowbrook Bird Sanctuary, the Ocean Conservancy's International Coastal Cleanup, PennDOT, Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, Pennypack Watershed and PERT, Redeemer Valley Community Garden, Rydal-Meadowbrook Civic Association, AT Shade Tree Commission, the Tookany/Tacony-Frankford Watershed Partnership, TreeVitalize, Wissahickon Valley Watershed Association, Wyncote Audubon Society, and the Youth Aid Panel. Wow! Join us!

Thank you for helping 
Keep Abington Beautiful!

Thank you for volunteering with us at our Earth Day clean-ups in 2014. Together, we cleaned-up and beautified 19 parks and green spaces throughout Abington township.  Our 277 volunteers picked up 2182 pounds of litter and planted 431 trees and flowers.  Cleanups are a great way to bring your community together and make a difference in your neighborhood. It adds up too! We count how much litter we pick up and report to the Great American Cleanup of PA*.  Throughout Pennsylvania last year, 140,000 volunteers picked up over 6 million pounds of trash, and planted over 22,000 trees and flowers.  What a difference!  For event details, click on this Earth Day link.  

Thanks to Commissioner Jimmy DiPlacido and friends for cleaning up 840 pounds of litter from the messiest spot this year, 

Fox Chase Park (Shelmire & Fillmore St). 

Send us suggestions for locations for next year!



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