External Appointments

What are external appointments?

External appointments is the system by which the Executive Branch of Student Government selects approximately 140 students for positions on over fifty committees across campus. (As these committees expand, collapse and change, the numbers will vary each year.)

Though some of these positions are student-run entities, such as the RESPC or the Student Safety and Security Committee, most are to committees that campus administrators have asked Student Government for student representation on, such as the Advisory Committee on Transportation or the Sustainability Advisory Committee.

No matter how each external appointment is run, each one has a significant impact on the University and can be a powerful voice for positive change on behalf of all students at UNC.

Todd Dalrymple, UNC's 2008-2009 Student Body Vice President, created a great guide to help navigate the External Appointment process as well as find out more information about each one. The document is attached below.

Which external appointments are particularly relevant to Environmental Sustainability at UNC?

-Buildings and Grounds (Brent & Jacob)
-Renewable Energy Special Projects Committee (completely student managed--both a student group and external appointment)
-Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Committee (Philip Curley)
-Advisory Committee on Transportation (Colleen Davis)
-Vice Chancellor's Sustainability Advisory Committee (Bill Bobbitt & Elinor Benami)

-Student Dining Board of Directors
-Housing Advisory Board
-Student Advisory Committee to the Chancellor
-Myriad other external appointments, depending on the projects underway

Link to a list of External Appointments: http://studentorgs.unc.edu/studgov/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=18&Itemid=13
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