Sights in Stoic Eyes

by Edward Alan Bartholomew 

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Thoughts are fading out like footsteps

Stamped into the muddy earth

They run the tide of sullen rivers flowing past the sinking sun

Wafts of clouds in unison protect the cool and jaded moon

From being sucked into the darkness pouring in my stoic eyes

Tears of rock are falling through the silky woven summer frock

Slashing time's unbounded fabric, opening my wild mind

Butterfly, keep falling to the dusty summit of the hill

That ripples through my arteries

Like skipping stones across the seas

Mystery, with trembling breath, admits the clear incessant wings

That beat with caustic buoyancy rage listlessly in lazy death

Caught in treads of sedimentary

Mammoth gods that wheel themselves

To milling pulps of soporific paths to sundry epitaphs

Singing suns are scorching with

Unbated swords that thrust themselves

Through reeds and melancholy lyres

Burning with the fleeting fires

Stigmas, black to blue and white, vociferous in shallow night

Cry on and on, anon