Composers or Poets

by Edward Alan Bartholomew 

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 For Bohumil Hrabal

monarchy workers 

elbows like edison 

perched on a table 

eyes in the distance 

do not fall asleep 


woman is a woman 

man is but a man 

trembles like a frog 

yearning for to leap 


anise seed harvest 

terrific in liquors 

and cakes; there were plenty 

of beggars but plenty 

of style and plenty 

hungarian flour 

the color of sand 

three hearts on its sacks 

even the shoemaker 

wore a pince-nez 


composers or poets 

hairdos like inmates 

in monarchy poorhouses 

peasants to pasture 

writers are tramps 


american writer 

a monster, dear lady 

known for his cruelty 

regular beggary 

bohumil burglary