This is where my poems go to die.
A Collection of Poetry by E. A. Bartholomew

Newer Work

Senior Thesis


Dear Reader,

It has been several long months since my pen has touched a proper poetic page. In droughts like this, I find it some consolation to take on the role of archivist and to consolidate my previous work in order to take account of what I've done and where I need to go. An update to this index of poetry is thus made.

Here now you will find a complete listing of what I consider my finished poems and collections, as well as several short series that may see new material in the future.

I have chosen to expose most of my early work from high school despite the question of its quality in order to provide you a fuller picture of growth. A. C. Swinburne sheltered his early poetry from public view and, in doing so, prohibited his readers from getting to know the poet in addition to the poetry.

Please enjoy my poems as they die.