This site is intended to support two related items:
  • a Mathematica package entitled AbstractAlgebra (with electronic documentation included in the package);
  • a book containing  a collection of labs that are based on the AbstractAlgebra package entitled Exploring Abstract Algebra with Mathematica (EAAM). Note that this book also contains the printed documentation for the AbstractAlgebra package. 
Note that the AbstractAlgebra package can be downloaded from this site without charge while the EAAM book (published by TELOS/Springer-Verlag) is available from various bookstores. See the AbstractAlgebra and EAAM sections from the menu above for more details of each.

Both the AbstractAlgebra package and the EAAM text were jointly developed by Al Hibbard (email: hibbarda@central.edu) and Ken Levasseur (email:   Kenneth_Levasseur@uml.edu). More details can be found on the Contact page.

Here is an overview of what is contained at this site, following the menu at the top of the page. You may also find it useful to use the Site Map.
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  • AbstractAlgebra - This section provides details about the AbstractAlgebra package. When it is selected, a submenu of topics relevant to this package is provided as a menu on the right side of the page.
  • EAAM - This section provides details about the Exploring Abstract Algebra with Mathematica book. Selecting this also provides a submenu of relevant topics.
  • Downloads -  This section is the source for downloading the AbstractAlgebra package and related items. The submenu that will show up on the right will give the relevant choices.
  • Resources - This section contains both specific references to articles, books, or web sites related to AbstractAlgebra or EAAM, as well as general links related to abstract algebra. These choices will be available on the menu on the right that will appear.
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  • Other - This section provides a place for other items now finding a home elsewhere. Included here is a page of FAQ and a page listing what is new.
  • Contact - This page provides means of contacting the developers and authors of AbstractAlgebra  and Exploring Abstract Algebra with Mathematica.