These E98 Coordinators are the ones who make all this happen - they spend the spring semester and summer planning the Fall E98 DeCal every year. The following are the coordinators for the Fall 2017 DeCal.

Name: Phil Kim
Major: Chemical Engineering
Year: Senior
Involved In: Tau Beta Pi, Biofuels Technology Club, Alpha Chi Sigma (Professional Co-Ed Chemistry Fraternity)
About Me: I first arrived at Cal in the College of Letters & Sciences, thinking that I would want to study biochemistry. I then made the decision that I want to study chemical engineering because... well, engineering sounds cool! So, here I am as a fourth year in chemical engineering, developing my love-hate relationship with my major semester after semester.
Contact Me About: Transferring into College of Chemistry; applying to and interviewing for internships; R&D in industry; undergraduate research on campus; "Study hard, play hard!".

Name: Connie Yu
Major: Mechanical Engineering/Bioengineering
Year: Senior 
Involved In: Pioneers in Engineering, Cal Running Club, Fiat Lux Scholarship, Biomedical Engineering Society, RSSP Tutoring
About Me: I was an undecided freshman before transferring into engineering, which means I know far too much about not knowing what to do with my life. Other things I know far too much about include unintentionally ruining cookies (it's them, not me), running without my glasses on (even at night), and making amazing puns with my last name (Yu know(s) it). I also enjoy any and all things hands-on -- from laser cutting to milling, crocheting to origami, soldering to wirework -- so talk to me about Instructables and/or Maker Faires! 
Contact Me About: Changing majors, internships and research (surgical techniques and instrumentation, bioprocessing in mammalian cells, microfluidic diagnostics devices), scenic running destinations, BBC Sherlock vs CBS Elementary, Studio Ghibli, fantasy book recommendations, and anything else!

Name: Patrick Angelo
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Year: Senior
Involved In: Berkeley Emergent Space Tensegrities, Laboratory of Manufacturing and Sustainability, Bay Area Engineering Consultancy
About Me: I am a senior mechanical engineering major from Los Angeles. I've thoroughly enjoyed the projects I've worked on through Berkeley's engineering and design program. I enjoy hands on projects with physical products. E98 helped ground me at Berkeley, and I'd like to help other students work through the transition of coming to Berkeley.
Contact Me About: Anything really. Greek life, academics, places to eat or things to do, clubs, life skills, campus resources, internships, or anything else you can think of!