Meeting in Milano, trip to the Alps and an Excel chart

posted Mar 16, 2015, 11:26 AM by Krisztina Szabó   [ updated Mar 16, 2015, 11:42 AM ]

Oh, I'm so happy to meet you at last!

by The FrankensTeam

Our readers may know that the members of The FrankensTeam live in two different countries. Igo-r is Italian from Milano, IngaKris and DottorGábor are Hungarians from Budapest.
We started to write together this blog-site 3 years ago, but have never met personally… until the last week.
Milano was always on our bucket-list: Il Duomo di Milano, the fashion streets, The Scala and Leonardo’s Last Supper… must see!
So we (Kris and Gábor) bought two tickets, booked an apartment and on 6th of March flying over the Alps we arrived to Milano in the early morning hours. The first impression about Italy was the Alps: the snowy peaks of the mountains were clearly visible lightened by the rising sun.
The next day we met with Igo-r, his family and some friends and took a small trip in the mountains. We went up to a rest-house following a steam and ate great local specialities and drunk great wine and grappa there. All were very delicious!
On the way down we followed another track where we had seen lots of nice wood statues: kobolds, turtle, drunken donkey, dragonfly, birds, love couple... labirints for the kids and a small museum too, with climbable wall.

The FrankensTeam in Milano

We spent a really pleasant day together! It was exciting to get to know each other personally, after this long virtual friendship!

OK, but we are not a travel-blog, so before our readers escape, let’s change topic and talk about a special Excel chart: The Alps mountain chart.

Technically it’s a simple xy scatter chart based on coordinates of the peaks (more than 21k points!). We used 4 series with different color according to the height of summits. On sheet DATA you can set the limits of the series. Also you can filter for the countries*, series and blocks to check where they are on the chart.
The summit we had seen from the rest-house is Corni di Canzo - you can find it in the downloadable file too. :-)

Here is a link to a dynamically generated panorama view from our viewpoint, from rest-house, where you can also see Corni di Canzo:
And the link to the panorama-maker tool for those who would like to play with it:
For the chart data points we used this database:

*not always indicate the country within whose borders the summit is situated.

And… here we are!

The FrankensTeam

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