Digits of Pi in Excel: fomula challenge and visualization

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by The FrankensTeam

On pi-day we were playing with the digits of pi and created some really eye-catching visualizations. Some are built from colorful dots, others use lines connecting points of a circle and resembles... …but challenge first, before pleasure!

Formula challenge

We started to play with pandigital numbers. These numbers contain each of the digits from 0 to 9. So the challenge is simple: find the pandigital sequences within the digits of pi.

Suppose you have the first 100,000 decimal digits (in addition to the initial 3) in range A2:A100002. You have to write a formula which lists all the 10-digit pandigital sequences. (The sequence could start with 0, for example 0234516897)

We found 35 pandigital sequences within the first 100k digits. This is the list of results:

4592307816  5923078164  2790814356  7908143562  4192705638  0457618932  5768134920  0395648127  9654032187  4726530981  8213496075  0758496231  1539628074  0632175894  2103598746  9462805371  6391708245  4985673021  3261879405  3578016924  4926718035  2697504318  8326107495  4629350871  5839240761  3720156498  1923407685  2761495038  1085264739  4510683729  9460835217  9236507184  0269584137  6340278519  6512907384 

How would you do it?
You can download the Excel file pi_challange.xlsx with the first 100k digits - and can start to think!
Then leave your solution formula at the bottom of this page.

Pi visualizations

And now: the fun part.
The first source of inspiration was this site: http://mkweb.bcgsc.ca/pi/art/ then we reproduced some of those and created our own versions.
Our selection:

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3002_flower.png

Picture 4

Picture 5

Picture 6

Picture 7

Picture 8

Picture 9

Picture 10

Picture 11

Picture 12

Picture 13


Anim-gif 2

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