Cosmograph in Excel - World migration with bilateral flow chart

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by The FrankensTeam

Initially I was inspired by Peoplemovin Carlo Zapponi's chart. He describe his work with these words:
"peoplemovin shows the flows of migrants as of 2010 through the use of open data (see Data Sources). The data are presented as a slopegraph that shows the connections between countries. The chart is split in two columns, the emigration countries on the left and the destination countries on the right. The thickness of the lines connecting the countries represents the amount of immigrated people."

It is a very nice job that I wanted to reproduce in Excel ...and I created a file but did not get a satisfactory result (if you want I can send the file) ... sometimes we have to know how to lose ... or maybe we just need to change strategy. It is what i did :-) i thought that I had to group the data. If I could not use the data so in detail perhaps I could show flows from one region to another. I downloaded Bilateral migration matrix 2010 file and worked a bit on it. I used the groupings regions as defined by The World Bank and in the end I used a flow chart inspired by Cosmograph Willard Cope Brinton's chart (published in the Chapter 8 - Flow Chart 1939 in his Graphic presentation).
Now the result is much more satisfying :-)
I used the mouse rollover technique (a small function VBA to be activated when opening the file) to highlight the flows, the chart is bilateral, you can select the region right or left and see migration flow to/from that the region selected.

I had to fix the formulas in values (where it was possible) to lighten the file ... and probably could do much lighter and without all of that data ... but it came out so and maybe will improve it later :-)

Click here to download the Excel file.

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Sep 20, 2013, 8:46 AM