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Wife: Harry, he was at it again.
Harry: So what do you want me to do about it?
Wife: Everyday.
Harry: Let him, let him.
Conductor: New York next, everbody out for New York.


Wife: Hans, er dachte schon wieder.
Hans: So?
Wife: Aber jaden tag.
Hans: Lass ihm, lass ihm.
Conductor: Transylvania nachste. Jeder austeigen fur Transylvania.

by The FrankensTeam

From time to time the question of converting number to words raises on Excel help forums. If you google for the topic, you can easily find VBA solutions, but the problem could also be solved using Excel’s built-in formulas.
Years ago in the Excel Hero LinkedIn group a challenge was opened by Daniel Ferry to create a formula for the English language conversion. The discussion and the “formula development process” was indeed interesting, and with the help of lots of great minds and strict eyes, we managed to create a relatively short formula.
Recently, for another forum request, Igo-r put together the Italian language formula (plus UDF solution too), and just for curiosity, IngaKris created it for Hungarian language.

Do you have formulas for other languages? French? German? Please slip your formula through slot in door, so we can publish it here!
If not - please take a look at our files! Maybe you will be inspired to develop formulas for your language!

Here are the files for download - please note there are some defined names (2 or 3) in the files. If you would like to use the formulas in your own workbook, please do not forget to copy the names!

Hungarian   (Hungarian language post on IngaKris's blog.)
Russian   - we received the russian versions from Ivan Bondarenko. He created 3 version of the formulas: for masculine gender, for feminine gender and for currency. Thank you, Ivan!
Spanish - we received this file from Carlos Collazos with a VBA solution. Thank you, Carlos!
Romanian - we received the file from Ciprian Stoian with a formula solution. Thank you Ciprian!

Ps: In Italian, for reverse conversion (undici --> 11) there is a VBA solution using regular expressions created by Igo-r too.

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