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 Welcome to the E90E50charts! 

Our gallery is opened to show you all the Microsoft Excel charts and data visualization tools created by the members of the FrankensTeam in the past years. We illustrate each work with one picture linked to the original article and we also provide a link to the downloadable template file. 

Feel free to add our link to your work! 

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Day/hour heatmap

Obama's 2014 budget proposal

This is a no-MVP site

Calendar view

Iceberg chart

Birthday candles

Treemap - conditional formatting



Combinatorics - with chart


Peter de Jong


Arrow chart - Critical step

Analog clock

Density dots

Combinatorics - with formatting

Tangled (Gomitoli)

Rectangle tangled

Bubble clock

Twisted bars

Square chart with legend

La Linea emotion

Circle tangled

Arrow circle chart

La Linea gif

Square pie chart

Percentage Chart

A chart for Linea

Sales comparision

Cherry chart

Mensa HungarIQa t-shirt design

Political climate radar - 1

Political climate radar - 2

Daisy of love


Necklace double

Random G+ doodle

Ferris wheel



Meter Chart 180°

Meter Chart 270°

Merry Christmas

Sparklines Excel 2003

Dynamic pie Chart - 1

Lisa Simpson chart

Dynamic pie Chart - 2

Dynamic pie Chart - 3

Tally marks

Dynamic bar chart

Solar system

Shops two series

Car dashboard

Earth and Moon


Dashboard right


Koch snowflake 1

Dashboard left

Traffic lights

Koch snowflake 2

EAN 13

Overachieved - 110%

Rubik's Cube

Intersections II.

15 puzzle


Balls with grid

Atoms and orbital

Overachieved - 105%

Intersection III.

Conway's Game of Life

Intersections I.

Lines with monitor

Full grid

Lines with markers

Map with Google chart api

Partial grid

Variable bars

Google chart api

Intersection IV.

Intersections with area

Bars waterfall leavening

Blue man


Area stacked to multiples

Variable width histogram - 1

Magic carpet

Nazar Sigaher's Frame clock

Bars waterfall with area

Variable width histogram - 2

Stacking cubes - choices

Bar stacked to multiples

Column stacked to multiples

Gene expression patterns

Stacking cubes - column

Sortable charts

Tufte's Slopegraphs - The Table-Graphic

Stacking cubes - matrix

Sun chart

Cosmograph flow chart in Excel

Slopegraphs - Infant Mortality

Tufte's Slopegraphs - Minimalist version

Stacked column chart with more trendlines

Slopegraphs - Nathan Yau's chart

Tufte's Slopegraphs - Cancer survival rates

Talent traffic chord diagram

Cosmograph dynamic version

Slopegraphs - multiple-choice poll

Up and down segments with arrows

Matrix bubble chart

Stacked column chart with optional trendline

Combine pie and xy scatter charts

Chord diagram with highlight (no VBA)

Matrix bubble chart with active cell

Panel lines chart

Up and down segments with color

Small change in large data dynamic

Visualize the digits of Pi 1

Rotate chart label VBA

Matrix bubble with conditional formatting

Visualize the digits of Pi 4

Panel column and line chart

Customer segmentation

Visualize maths 1: Pi

Visualize the digits of Pi 2

3D Financial Reports

Visualize maths 4: Snowman

Visualize the digits of Pi 5

Visualize the digits of Pi 3

Visualize maths 7: Hypocycloid

Visualize maths 2: Circle in circle

Visualize the digits of Pi 6

Spotlight chart

Visualize maths 5: Trigonometry

Visualize maths 3: Rotation

Broken line chart 2

Stacked column flow chart

Visualize maths 6: Epitrochoid

Vintage charts in Excel: arrows from one point

Migration dashboard

Witch of Agnesi curve

Broken line chart 1

Bubble chart with line

Vintage bar chart with highlight

Compass - one needle

Compass - two needles

Alps chart


Area-croissant multiple data

Doughnut vs. bar

Total and details

Total and details 2

Moon phases

Spiral chart - New York Times case

Spiral chart - Area chart version

Spiral chart - Sewing pins version

Spiral chart - Double color version

Network Graph - Excel Challenge 

Migration Waves - Movement of people between countries

Sawtooth Chart by Romain Vouillemot

Migration Waves - Strong labor markets draw migrants