The FrankensTeam

We are three Excel-enthusiastic guys from two different countries who got to know each other on LinkedIn. The beginning of the story was a formula problem: the formula parser tool was our first common work, followed by a project to create a universal calendar class.
The team was “officially” formed on 20 january 2012. Do you know the film Young Frankenstein? If not - you must see! This film is the fun-base of our team-characters.
All of us have very curious and creative personality - that makes us enthusiastic to push the boundaries of Excel and do what seems to be impossible. We learn and share our knowledge and our discoveries continuously.
We have already written several articles together ... they are our Creatures. :-)

If you have any question or comment, please feel free to contact us!

Now let me introduce the members of the team:




aka. IngaKris
Full name: SZABÓ Krisztina
Provenance: Budapest (Hungary)
Speciality: “asking why”

Dottor Frederick Frankenstein



aka. DottorGábor
Full name: MADÁCS Gábor Miklós
Provenance: Budapest (Hungary)
Speciality: “answering the why-question”




aka. Igo-r
Full name: Roberto MENSA
Provenance: Milano (Italy)
Speciality: “doing the impossible”

The creature

In April 2013 we created the site E90E50charts to present a wide selection of our Excel graphics.

For a full content of the E90E50 sites, take a look at the new Home Site.

Here is a list of our articles by categories:

Excel Handicrafts
Tool for Parsing Formulas in Excel
Calendar Control for All Office versions - including Office 2010 64 bit

Formula challenges
Excel Sudoku with formula-based validation list
Combinations Excel formula challenges
Poker challenge in Excel
Excel Formula Challenge - Find the pattern
Dartboard challenge solved - learn about matrices and circular series
Combinatorics using Excel formulas
Formula challenge: create a list of sheet names based on a prefix
Formula challenge: SUMIF from more sheets
How to sum the product of matrix or array rows?
Digits of Pi in Excel: fomula challenge and visualization
Convert numbers to words with Excel formula - language collection

Charts for practice
Huge challenge - Dynamic chart with dynamic title based on active cell - without VBA
Dynamic Excel chart with dynamic title based on cell selection (on Excel Ticker)
Huge challenge #3 - Infographic chart with Excel
Excel Formulas Can Make a Graph (on Excel Hero)
Creative and advanced chart design in Excel
Arrow chart with tangle in critical step
Square chart and Treemap in Excel
Tally marks Excel chart
Simple calendar-based heatmap in Excel
Day/Hour Heatmap in Excel
Variable width histogram - assign values to ranges
Floating bar chart
Stacked and separated dynamic Excel charts
Sort the data on the Excel chart
Stacking Cubes Charts with Excel
Sunset - end of summer Excel chart
Gene technology data visualization in Excel (dPCR)
Edward Tufte's Slopegraphs in Excel
Life Expectancy by Nathan Yau's chart with Excel
Cosmograph in Excel - World migration with bilateral flow chart
Anatomy of an Excel chart - Cosmograph dynamic version
Stacked column chart with optional trendline
Stacked column chart with more trendlines
Matrix bubble chart with Excel
Talent traffic chart with chord diagram in Excel
Different color for up and down line segments in an Excel chart
Matrix bubble chart with conditional formatting
Combine pie and xy scatter charts – World Polls chart revisited (on
Customer segmentation - dynamic template chart
Multiple lines across categories - simple step by step guide
Another approach to plotting gaps in Excel charts (on
Stacked column flow chart with Excel
Charts for fun
Formula and other tutorials