Why You Should Convert your Car to a Flex Fuel Vehicle

1) Have you watched our E85 conversion Kit install Video ?

2) Have you watched our E85 conversion cold start video?

3) Have you watched our E85 Flex Fuel corrosion Video?

4) Did you adequately view the E85 Kit Install Manual ?

5) Do you have our Tech Support # on file? 1-707-845-3869

6) Did you locate the Injectors on your engine and are they easily accessible?

If you answered yes to all of these questions, Then you are now ready to buy your very own e85 flex conversion kit and now it's our turn to deliver "THE PITCH".

The Pitch

White Lightning International's e85 flex fuel conversion kits, allow gasoline operated vehicles to run on ethanol, gasoline or any blended combination. Our e85 conversion kit is fully automatic and requires a simple, one time adjustment and is completely controlled by the vehicle's already existing, highly capable "ON BOARD COMPUTER SYSTEM". White Lightning International offers the most advanced conversion kits on the market, which come equipped with a five-year warranty, a $4 Million Product Liability Insurance Policy, and customer service that you can depend on. Our E85 conversion kits can be installed on any vehicle with a fuel injection system. We have converted 1000's vehicles across the international landscape, In every imaginable location that has e85 fuel available, through our International Flex Fuel distribution Network. We are poised and ready to assist you as well in converting your car or truck into a flex fuel vehicle and having the choice to tap into a renewable energy source.

We have had great success with our new e85 conversion kits and assure you, your vehicle will run just as good or better with our new flex fuel conversion kit.

What's the Best About Our E85 Conversion Kit Club?

When you use ethanol, better know as E85 (85% ethanol blended with 15% gasoline) You are contributing to the use of An american made fuel.

When you use Ethanol as opposed to gasoline you are reducing your vehicle emissions  by 30%, assisting in creating more jobs in America and no longer are you using the toxic waste chemical, known as Gasoline.

That's right Gasoline is in fact a "Toxic waste chemical" and not until after the automobile was introduced to the public (fueled originally by ethanol) was the toxic waste chemical (Endoline) blended with 10% ethanol.