Welcome to the "An E6 Baseline SRD" project!

The goal of this project has been to create a stripped down version of the (3.5e) d20 System Reference Document suitable as a reference document for the E6 style of play.  We began work on this in early January 2011 in this thread at ENWorld.org.

This project is currently on hiatus, as of 10 March 2011, but the files as modified to date (called v0.1) are available on the Index page.  Most of the content work is done.  Remaining issues are (probably) with Monsters, which could do with editing and possibly a revamp of certain special abilities; Magic Items, if you want to re-import ones that have been been stripped out by adjusting default CLs; as well as a LOT of formatting issues (especiall table sizes, fonts, and line-spacings in certain files).

Special Note!
Throughout this website, content on LIGHT BLUE BACKGROUND is open gaming content (ogc) and is released under the Open Gaming License (OGL).  This material comprises the actual E6 Baseline SRD.