See the Site Log below to see a general overview of what's currently happening on the project.  Please check back periodically for updates!

Site Log:

10 March 2011 - Project is on INDEFINITE HIATUS.  Hopefully temporarily.  For convenience of anyone who wants the not-quite-finished material (called v0.1), the files as modified to date are available as bundled ODTs on the Index page.  The bundle includes a README that outlines very briefly the mods and known issues.  The Index on this site will remain online in its current state until the project continues.  Happy trails!

27 February 2011 - TOPIC:
  Monsters, files "Abilities and Conditions", "Types, Subtypes and Abilities", and "Monsters Intro-A".  Also, becuase they're easy and should only need a quick look-over: "Monsters Animals" and "Monsters Vermin".

23 February 2011 - TOPIC:  All
Spells, A to Z!

22 February 2011 - TOPIC: Building Characters, files
Equipment and Special Materials.  Also want to start looking at Spells, files Magic Overview, Spell List I and Spell List II.  Most of this stuff should be pretty straightforward, as changes were either non-existent or minimal.  Note that the proofread of Feats and Monster Feats (see 17 Feb, below) is still open, too.

19 February 2011 - TOPIC: Building Characters, file Skills I and
Skills II.  Turns out these are not "no change" files on account of references to non-E6 spells, so they need a look over, as well!

17 February 2011 - TOPIC: Building Characters, file
Feats, and Monsters, file Monster Feats. Would like to make sure all E6 relevant feats are counted among PC feats in file "Feats", while higher power/irrelvant ones are moved to "Monster Feats"; also need ultra-high-power (eg CL12+, BAB12+) feats eliminated entirely. ENWorld discussion is here, or comment on the file's category page on this site!

16 February 2011 - TOPIC: Building Characters, specific files Classes I, Classes II, NPC Classes. ENWorld discussion is here.

15 February 2011 - Finished applying almost all (relevant) official errata.

14 February 2011 -  TOPIC: Building Characters, specific files Basics, Races, Description, Classes I.  Feel free to comment on the file category page, or in this thread at ENWorld.

12 February 2011- Added a visitor comment functionality!  Comment boxes are only embedded on the file category pages (eg, the level right below "Index" in the navigation bar to the left).  So for example, if you see a problem on the page for "Magic Items IV", put the your comment one level up on its file category page, "Treasure" and note the specific page of the problem so we can find it.  Thanks!

11 February 2011- Catching up: made modifications to certain file based on earlier discussions or changes to other files
10 February 2011 - Site announced semi-publically in the original ENWorld thread. No formal topic of discussion yet.

09 February 2011 - Site is more or less ready to go.