My e30 and some favorite pics

This is the new Mistress, she is pretty sexy and always ready to go !!!


 This is the Pic I first saw on Craigslist, Love at first sight...


                  This is me fitting my hoses after a water pump, timing belt job.

That is what you have to do if you by an e30 without service history.


            My brother Al to the rescue!!!  There was no way I was going to be able to remove that fan clutch nut !!!      THANKS AL


It was a warm January evenig in the Norht East, perfect time to install my Euro Ellipsoids.   Bought on eBay from a US soldier stationed in Germany. 

                                                And here is the result, on the left are the US lights and on the right are the Euro Ellipsoids.           The High beams would burn my ccd chip on the digital camera I'm sure, I will take a pic with film one day.



 As my Convertible gently weeps...

One of Rob's best guy is on the job

      2006 Christmas Pic, Global Warming 06-07 yes top was down and we went for a ride, with sweat-shirts of course.


This is where a family of mice where living when I bought my car. How did they even get in there I don't know!?!


I want one of these, hard to find and expensive. If you have one and want to sell let me know please.






This is a very neat exhaust system I came acrros on ebay England, at the time I contacted the Blokes and the price was reasonable, when I wanted to by it could not find the email or the contact.  Bought an Ansa instead, well maybe next system.

Scored this Valance on eBay of course, I paid for the whole thing. A Scout is thrifty...

Now this is what it has to look like by the end of the Summer 



Trying to finish the timing belt before Winter came back from Vacation

Global Warming, Jan 2007

This was my under construction pic, tarp is not needed as it survived the April 16 Norh-Easter.  

Wait I have not checked!!   Not a drop inside!!  All Right.....

I think this e46 M3 spoiler looks trick 


If you turn your head in an angle and squint just so, you can see there is an e30 in red in the pic, really !!

                                                       HOW NOT TO WASH YOUR BMW - Not my baby here I found this pic

Fellow BMW enthusiast

This is my buddy's Vette, well looks like his Vette.   I had to baby sit it for four weeks, turned into four months.   I would run two earands per day at least.   Honey, do wee need milk????