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Hacks for the SanDisk Sansa e200 Series

Recent Updates:

ReverseBL updated.  Update highly recommended.

MultiBL updated.  Update highly recommended.

MultiThemePack removed.  It was outdated and didn't seem to be getting that much use.  If you used it and want me to do another, PM, e-mail, or IM me.

digibuild Rockbox

Wow, I haven't updated this page in a while.  Anyway, Rockbox rocks.  LOL.  It really does though.  The sound quality is amazing, speed is up to par, and the format and game support is good.  I've done a custom build that includes patches and themes that you can find on the Sansa e200 digibuildpage.

MultiBL 1.3.1 Released

This is a major update to the MultiBL.  The Rockbox and non-Rockbox versions were merged into one firmware file.  Rockbox can also be booted by default of when select is pressed.  It works as the non rock version if F0 and F1 both exist.  If F0 doesn't exist it will boot Rockbox by default.  If F1 doesn't exist it will boot Rockbox when select is presses. 

ReverseBL Update

I plan on releasing an update for the ReverseBL as soon as I get some time to fix a bug.  Right now it does not work correctly when plugged into USB while turned off.

MultiBL 1.2 Released

Version 1.2 fixes the USB booting bug that was introduced in version 1.1.  Updated on 4/13/07.