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  • NEW!!! Book on the top 100 various innovation cases of ICT (information and communication technology). “Innovative cases for sensor based product service”, Taiwan, pp. 176-179, Jan. 2013 

ICT Innovative Tech


ICT Innovative Tech

  • iFeel_IM! on AsiaGRAPH 2009 (DC EXPO), 22-25 October 2009, Miraikan, Tokyo
  • A Day in the Life of a Foreign Scholar: Alena Neviarouskaya (co-author of the research on iFeel_IM! and my wife) In: The University of Tokyo Magazine "TANSEI", Vol. 08, March 2009, pp 6-7 [PDF]


  • iFeel_IM! world press AH 2010 "World's first wearable robot", 2-4 April, Megeve, France.