I am Dzmitry Tsetserukou, an Assistant Professor at the Advanced Interdisciplinary Electric Research Center, Toyohashi University of Technology. After receiving my PhD degree in information science and technology from the Department of Information Physics and Computing, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, the University of Tokyo, I held a position as JSPS post-doctoral fellow at the University of Tokyo.

My research interests include Robot Control, Digital Signal Processing, Affective Computing, and others.
I have been working on the development of:
  • NAVIgoid: Telepresence Robot Navigation with Haptic Vision
  • Haptic displays FlexTorque and FlexTensor
  • Tactile display BraTact
  • ExoInterface and haptic display FlexTorque
  • Affective Haptics interfaces (HaptiHug, HuptiHeart, HaptiButterfly,  HaptiShiver, HaptiTemper), including communication system iFeel_IM!
  • Teleoperation system TeleTA
  • TeleSAR II
  • Humanoid robot arm iSoRA
  • Optical torque sensors
  • Robot vision system