Terms of Service - Why and What to Do

Here's a brief overview without getting specific so that spammers can't get around it... 
Basically any a) form or b) spreadsheet or document that is shared at one time or another gets "sniffed" by Google (Computer (or droid, depending upon your humor level), not a human).  On the forms, they are looking to make sure that personal information is not being collected.  For the documents and spreadsheets, they are ensuring that it does not contain any spammy content that is being added to multiple people's accounts.  If it is, then it is flagged automatically.  Most of the time, the information is collected maliciously, and I have seen spreadsheets that have been flagged before they've gotten to their potential spamming victims.  However, the PC (or droid) does not have a conscience and therefore cannot tell what your true intentions are.  It has to "disable" it for the safety of all.
Therefore, if you're collecting personal info, log on info, etc., then be aware that your spreadsheet may be flagged.  It's illegal in some countries to collect this data, the computer can't tell whether you're friend or foe, and it's better to be on the safe side (from their standpoint at least).  So, there are both legal and moral reasons why Google does this...
Some people have asked if this is a violation by Google of your privacy.  However, in my opinion it's not because they are not really reading your information since any document or spreadsheet that's private it won't be "sniffed" (exception being the forms, but the form itself is public so that private setting is technically negated).

In order for your spreadsheet to be "un-blacklisted", AnaLikesLattes, Adah, or another Google employee "briefly scans" the spreadsheet to make sure that it's safe and not for scamming purposes.  No information is collected or saved, and your spreadsheet will be returned if OK'd by them.  You can get this process started by asking the owner of the document to click the "Request a Review" link on the ToS notification page.  See the wonderful screenshots below taken by TC Felicity_BB and I:


Then, after requesting a review, you should get this screen:


Monitor your docs list page.  If it does not change within 48 hours, go back into the form and try to request a review again.

You should get a message like this.

Then, you'll probably have to fill out a form looking like this:

Give it another 24-48 hours for a response via email.  This is your final verdict.  There is no more appeal after this stage.

If the status of the document doesn't change, go to the forum and post that you're having a ToS issue.  That way, AnaLikesLattes or Adah can take a look for you.  Please make sure that you've included in a separate post your URL to the document, spreadsheet, or form.  It will be deleted after the document is checked.  Your URL is safe from hacking, so it's safe to post it!
And that's my tangent on TOS!  If you have any questions, contact me via vCita or post on the forums, and someone would be happy to help you!  We're here to help make the process easier and more efficient!

There are no implied warranties on the time frame of fixing your ToS issue or that your document is definitely not in violation.  Please use the information on this page and the entire site at your own risk.