Medical Benefits

of Dzi Beads

This pages explains the medical basis of  

Tibetan Dzi beads

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Tibetan Dzi beads occupy an important place in the medical histories of Tibet.  The 4 Medical Classics (above) of Tibet state that after Dzi beads have been ground into powder, they may be mixed with other ingredients to form medical pills. Such medical pills can be used in the medical treatment of stroke or blood related diseases such as high blood pressure.

The above picture shows Tibetan medical pills prepared and sold by Tibetan medical factories. They are called "Seventy Flavoured Precious Pearl Pills".

The Tibetan Medical Classics also suggest that the magnetic energy from the Dzi can regulate the body’s blood and 'qi' circulation, balance the body’s yin yang and five elements, improve the body’s immune system and henceforth, achieve overall improvement in one's health. The effects are similar to acupuncture. It can improve the health of those suffering from heart diseases, high blood pressure and diabetes as well as reduce various symptoms such as poor blood circulation, blocked nose, sprains, insomnia and aching bones.