Factory Produced Dzi

This Page Explains the Manufacturing Process of 'Artificial' Dzi

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This page is meant for reference only.

If you ever visit any major Chinese cities such as Beijing, Shanghai or Guangzhou, you can find many stores selling man-made dzis from US$1 to even a few hundred US$! by unscrupulous merchants who pass off their fake Dzis as being ancient antiques.  

With so many fake (i.e. made of glass, clay,... etc) dzis flooding the market, any Dzi collector would be intrigued by the mass-production methods employed by a typical Chinese Dzi factory.

The first photo shows a factory worker cutting and polishing the raw glass pieces into various typical dzi shapes as per photo 2.

These dzi shaped glass pieces are then sent to the colour dyeing department whereby typical Dzi patterns will be etched onto the surface as per photo 3.

Finally, the glass pieces are placed in a high temperature machine as per photo 4. The high temperatures stain the glass pieces with the typical Dzi motifs found on real authentic dzi.