Dzi Classification

This Page Explains The 3 Major Types of Dzi

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In terms of quality, there are two kinds of Dzi – the "Pure" and the "Chong"; Dzi-type beads are the affiliates of Dzi Beads. 

Among the "Pure", there are 3 types: (1)Long Dzi Bead 

(2)Short Dzi Bead 

(3)Oval Dzi Bead.

Among the "Chong", there are 5 types: (1)Long Dzi Bead 

(2)Short Dzi Bead 

(3)Oval Dzi Bead 

(4)Striped Dzi Bead 

(5)Goat's-eye Dzi Bead.  

Among Dzi-type beads, there are 5 types: 

(1)Black-and-White Dzi Bead

(2)Bhaisajya Dzi Bead 


(4)Small longevity 

(5)Other Dzi-type beads

The authentic Pure Dzi and Chong Dzi are found primarily in Tibet, and the Dzi family can be found in neighbouring countries such as India, Bhutan, Ladakh, Sikkim and Nepal. The latter are etched carnelian and the history can be traced back to 5000 years ago where its main sources were Mesopotamia, Afghanistan and India.

Pure Dzi beads, in the traditional Tibetan system for evaluating Dzi, are regarded as the most valuable and desirable variety. Etched agate beads not considered pure are called Chong Dzi (or Chung Dzi), meaning secondary or less important dzi. Lastly, etched carnelian is not recognized by the Tibetan system.

A 3rd group, comprising of Dzi-type beads, are typically used as mala beads or as part of a mala.