Longevity Bottle 

(Nectar) Dzi

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Longevity Bottle (Nectar) Dzi Bead: Also called Nectar bottle. The nectar bead is a heart with a cross coming out of the top of it. The longevity bottle looks like a nectar bottle with a heart inside of the bottle. The longevity bottle will appear as a heart within a heart topped by a cross. This Dzi bead assists the owner by preventing disease. 

The longevity bottle Dzi bead can help the owner to increase their income. It is believed that this Dzi bead has the power to eradicate sadness and suffering. The longevity bottle bead is said to attract luck for its owner. The longevity bottle bead helps the owner to make money and become healthier. 

The longevity bottle Dzi bead is always a target for Dzi bead collectors making good beads harder to find.

- best suited to those born in the Chinese years of the Rooster, Dog or Boar.

Practical Benefits

Prevents death due to bad luck, perfects your virtues establishment, helps its owner to roll in wealth and gain longevity. Assists in bringing the “good things in life”, the milk and honey to life. Nectar is the milk and honey for one’s life. Assists in attracting the sweet things to the owner’s life. All the good things, the great things one would desire for their life are brought to the owner of the nectar Dzi bead. This Dzi bead assists in opening doors, and making the path easy. Generates “feasting” on life. Assists life in becoming “better than you could ever imagine!” The bead can also assist the owner in gaining charisma and presence with others.