Hi,my name is Dzelila Sulejmanovic and was born in 2003.This site is related to my basic interest and to introduce my family and myself.

Since I am now only 5 years I am having my dady as my help.

My mother's name is Sabina and father's is Eldar.Since this is my first time site I am thinking to have a slow aproach and to see how it will work.

Here are some pictures of my self in visit to the city's ZOO (Feb.2008).Hope you will like it,although the ZOO is small.ButI I like it very much. To view pictures please click here  TUZLA ZOO 2008.

After ZOO we visited mountain house  in Zlaca/Banovici.Nature and weather are just beautifule.And there were lots of wild flowers.To view pictures please click here  ZLACA 2008.

On 3rd May I visited Altumbabic's Stud Farm and I was thrilled when my parents took me to the farm.They have very  beautiful 3 growned up horses and one 5-week foal.And you know what?.....I was riding two of them.To view pictures please click here.  ALTUMBABIC'S STUD FARM 2008.












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