Mārtiņš Trautmanis

Mārtiņš Trautmanis

Age: 22
Club: Team Vulco-VC Vaulx en Velin (French DN1 team)
Bike: Look

Previous clubs:
UC Aubenas (French DN2 team)
Rietumu Banka Riga (Latvia)

    I started training in cycling when I was 10. My first training team was Children’s sport school “Spars” in Ventspils. My first victory was in small MTB race when I was 12.

    At the age of 16, I moved to Murjanu sports gymnasium, main sport school in Latvia, where I kept on training 4 years until I finished secondary school. In this period of time I had very good results – I had several national champion titles and I represented Latvian national team in many international competitions in all Europe. In my opinion my best result in junior group was 17th place in European Championship in Netherlands at individual time trial in 2006.

    After finishing sports gymnasium, I started to study in Latvian Academy of Sport Education (LASE). My profil is sports management.

    At 2007 I was riding for continental cycling team Rietumu Banka Riga. With this team I participated in many road and MTB competitions in UCI category races. We had plenty of training camps in France, Netherlands and other European countries. At the same time I represented U-23 Latvian national team. For the present my best result is 5th place in Nations cup - Tour de I`Avenir 6th stage Contres-Saint-Amand-Montrond (FRA) in 2007. For Rietumu Banka Riga I was riding two years 2007-2008.

    At 2009 I moved to France to ride for the French DN2 team UC Aubenas.

    From 2011 I am riding for Team Vulco-VC Vaulx en Velin, the French DN1 team.

    I believe in France are more opportunities to develop myself in PRO level cyclist and I enjoy all the cycling system - competitions, training conditions, team atmosphere.

    My goal for this season is to get as many victories as possible in order to move up to some profesional team and to qualify and represent Latvia in London 2012 Olympic Games.

2011 Martins Trautmanis

2010 Martins Trautmanis

Best results:

• 2011    1st          26/06/2011 Latvian Elite road race Champion, Smiltene

2nd          étape Triptyque de la Vallée de l'Ance

2nd          étape Classique JP. Dubuisson

2nd          classement final Classique JP. Dubuisson

2nd          étape Boucles Nationales du Printemps

2nd          classement final Boucles Nationales du Printemps

2nd          Nocturne d'Albertville

3rd           GP de Fourchambault

4th           étape Classique JP. Dubuisson

6th           Circuit des Communes de la Vallée du Bédat

6th           Prix des Flandres françaises

6th           étape Boucles de la Marne (CDF Look)

6th           GP de Foissiat

7th           étape Tour du Loiret

9th           classement final de la Boucle de l'Artois (CDF Look)

9th           étape Tour du Loiret

9th           classement final Tour du Loiret

10th         étape de la Boucle de l'Artois (CDF Look)

10th         GP de Vougy

11th         étape de la Boucle de l'Artois (CDF Look)

11th         classement final Triptyque de la Vallée de l'Ance

12th         Vienne Classic Espoirs (CDF Look)

12th         étape Triptyque de la Vallée de l'Ance

17th         étape de la Boucle de l'Artois (CDF Look)

19th         Tour du Chablais

• 2010  1st        05/0910            GP de Carcassone (Elit. Reg.)

2nd      24.-25.04.10    Tour de l'Ardeche Meridionale (GENERAL) (Elit. Reg.) 

2nd      20/06/10          Latvian Championships XCM (MTB marathon) SEB 3 stage (LAT, UCI- 2)

2nd      30/07/10          Nocturne Ambert      

3rd       11/04/10          Pont du Chateau (Elit. Reg.)

3rd       18/07/10          Tour d'Auvergne, Etape 3    

14th     16-18.07.10     Tour d'Auvergne (GENERAL)          

1st       06/06/10          15eme Cyclosportive La Roland Fangille

4th       04/07/10          GP Les Avenieres (Elit. Reg.)

4th       25/06/10          Latvian Championship U23 IndividualTT, Smiltene (LAT, U-23)

5th       27/06/10          Latvian Championship U23 group race, Smiltene ( LAT, U-23)

7th       09/05/10          Prix pedale Dommartinoise      

8th       16/06/10          Xsports CUP 2 stage, Riga, Biķernieki (LAT)  

12th     18/04/10          GP de Bourg en bresse (Elit. Reg.)

12th     30/05/10          62eme Circuit Des Monts du Livradois (Elite 1,2)

13th     04/04/10          St. Etteine Valdonnez   

16th     27/03/10          Montauroux     

23rd     25/07/10          GP de Cours la Ville (Elit. Nat.)

27th     20/03/10          GP la durtorccha (Elite 1,2)

32nd    06/03/10          CIRCUIT DES 4 CANTONS (Elit. Nat.)

34th     05/04/10          GP de Vougy (Elit. Reg.)

45th     28/02/10          11e Circuit des communes De la vallée du Bédat (Elit. Nat.)

45th     16/05/10          Pont de Vaux   Elit. Reg.

46th     11-13.06.10     Tour de l'Eure et Loir    ( With team VC LA POMME MARSEILL, 1st overall at team general clasification)

60th     22-23.05.10     Tour du Beaujolais (Elit. Reg.)

78th     20/02/10          GP Aix (Elit. Nat.)


• 2009  1st        17/05/2009' Gp de pont de Vaux                  

            3rd        19/04/2009' tour de la vallée de l'Ance 2 ème etape

            9th        18/04/2009' Tour de la vallée de l'Ance 1 ère étape

            15th      19/04/2009' Tour de la vallée de l'ance classement général

            15th      26/04/2009' Tour de l'ardeche méridionale 2 ème étape

            18th      13/04/2009' Dijon Auxonne  Dijon                  

            19th      19/04/2009' tour de la vallée de l'Ance 3 ème étape


• 2008  2nd       Latvian championship U-23 ind. road race (LAT)

            2nd       Latvian championship U-23 IndividualTT, (LAT)

            10th      Lauri Aus V Memorial (EST)

            2nd       Skara GP (SWE)

            4th        Scandinavian Week (SWE)

            18th      SEB Tartu GP (EST, UCI-1.1 )

            30th      Tour of Flanders (BEL)

            72nd      World championship(road race) (ITA)


• 2007  5th        Tour de I`Avenir 6th stage Contres-Saint-Amand-Montrond (FRA)

            1th        Latvian National Championship IndividualTT (LAT)


• 2006  6th        La Coupe du President de la Ville de Grudziadze (junior) 1.stage A.Grudziadz-ul.Hallera (POL)

            17th      European Championship IndividualTT (NED)

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