My Projects

All of the projects I am working on or have worked on.                                                                  Back to home


Html Editor:

A very basic Text Editor software designed with simplicity in mind. Link on the home page.  Written in Java and uses the Java Swing.  Currently it features undo/redo cut, copy, paste, different fonts, the ability to insert various html tags into the document, and its free.  I've made a very simple format for starting it on windows, and UNIX based system, I made a script to start it on either.  I am pretty much finished with this project.

This is version 2.5: 










Tiny Web Server:

Another very simple, small project.  This is a basic web server with a very basic GUI deigned for small projects and experiments, very basic, written in Java, Swing interface.










My Home Server Setup:

I was playing around, and I manged to setup a web site for our family, and ftp site, and a wiki. very cool.  I used the Linux firestarter program as a firewall, ftpGoServer for ftp, and my tiny web server, but that is no longer in existence.  I started a Gaming Clan, all of the pages were written is Jsp, and that is gone now also, and I plan to set up a Seaside based server.


 Altoids Box mp3 player speakers:

I put some old laptop speakers into an Altoids box an now i got this cool little gadget!!

And this would be the inside...






How To Build one..


Various Computer Experiments

This is a little thing called Beryl:


Dismantling Computers:

One of my friend computer's got fried in a lightning storm, so he gave it to me to take apart.

Here is the processor:

As you can see, its not a very good picture.

This is a Motherboard setup:


All of the inside part of a computer, i thinks that there all here:


Laptop verses Desktop:

 Hard Drives:

The one to the left is the laptop hard drive. It has more memory than the desktop one.

My Computer:

One of my friends just gave me a computer, and I upgraded its ram to 1gb,  and it has a broken dvd/cd-r/cd-rw drive, and I installed a floppy drive on it, and I an currently trying to find a linux distro to install that will function as a server and as a desktop. It is currently running openSuse, but I plan on switching to Fedora.

PIC Programming:

I was been experimenting with PIC Programming in the assembly language.  VERY VERY cool, and VERY VERY hard.


I am interested in computer security, and am learning everything I can and reading everything I can get my hands on!