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Supernovae Voices

3 (7 in total) new sound pieces derived from astronomical images

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 'Point Break'

'One true Yellow Line' and sound interventions

 At Turbine Hall, Tate Modern

 At Porthmeor Beach. Tate St Ives

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I C*NT SPELL:  Exhibition

1st April: Anita Gallery, London

Jon Adams and Rachel Clatworthy

CODA Dyslexic Artists



Artist in Residence: 26th March

Arts Council England South East

Drawings in responce to 'words' used during AGM meeting of DWG.



February 2008

Awarded a Leverhulme Artist in Residence at University of Portsmouth

Leverhulme Residency   


January 2008

2 pieces Shown at the 2nd Disability Arts exhibition. Awarded HC


November 2007

As Part of Portsmouth Film Festival Fringe with PAVE

'Wobbles, Bangs and Clicks: Adventures in imaginary Sound' 

Jon Adams & Steve Hyde    November 14th 4pm-5:45pm

Using examples from the past 50years of imaginative film: A hands-on workshop demonstrating the transformation of 'found sound' with both 'classic' and modern effects technology

3rd Floor Arts Centre                                        Central Library                                       Portsmouth


October 2007

Velocity Festival of digital culture: