A Lot Ment: Tree of Knowledge

Prepared 'Fruit' blow in the wind

Preparing to place the 'Fruit'

The twelve fruits

A one day exhibition organised by aspex in conjunction with Eastney and Milton Allotment Associations' Autumn Show on Sunday 2 September.

A Lot Ment took place at Hope Cottage, Milton Piece, Eastney Lake and Longmeadows Allotments from 1pm to 6pm.

The garden is a place where culture and cultivation can merge, aplace where different "cultures" co-exist. Gardening is close to the original meaning of culture "tillage of the soil"; the term curator has its roots in the Latin curare meaning to care for. Gardens, culture and curators are linked. The relationship between horticulture and visual culture are explored by the artists, gardeners, musicians, poets and curators who collaborated in A Lot Ment.