My name is Jacob Stanley and I write. 

Currently I'm working on a novel based on the re-invented story of the mythic character named Atlas. It spans the whole of human history and evolves from Gutenberg Press technology into a distant transhumanist future where titans rise up against the gods as human beings exist in a virtual plane.


Below are some examples of my most recent manuscripts I've produced for class at the Evergreen State College where I'm studying for my B.A. in creative writing. The formatting is rather difficult for me to figure out in terms of html, so I've linked them here as .doc files. 


Examples of my work
Below are a few examples, actually reading them from 2006 forward gives a strange vertigo as the style progresses into a nigh untenable version of literature. 


December 2008 Manuscript

My experimental memoir detailing my highschool years into college. There's a lot of formatting in this one, and quite a bit of coding via cryptography to conceal my text's content. The pentAcrostic method I created gets 3 different ways of usage, which makes for complicated reading. This kind of trails off by the end since it needs another 50 pages of "normal" prose to flesh out an actual arc.

December 2006 Manuscript 

 My December 2006 manuscript is an attempt at literary cohesion of a single subject while still using many experimental forms. It is where I first developed a form known as the "pentAcrostic" which is a coded method of speaking through the underlying code of the text. 

 Spring 2006 Manuscript

My Spring 2006 manuscript is my first foray into complicated experimental prose, namely figuring out what style I write in and flowing it out into something worthwhile.