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SoCal Dynasty is based out of Riverside, California. The Dynasty organization was established in 1987. Dynasty is an incredible group of softball players who realize that team success only comes when you sacrifice individual glory.

The Dynasty organization strives to provide a safe and healthy environment that is both mentally and physically rewarding for any player who is willing to accept the challenge and commitment of team sports. The Dynasty staff believes that by providing an environment that rewards dedication, determination, cooperation and hard work, the players will build the foundation they need to ensure their success in college.

The main purpose has always been to develop the athletic, academic and emotional growth of our players through the fostering of a positive, safe and caring environment, with college exposure being the main emphasis of the organization.

The success rate of having our players signed with colleges and universities is impressive and always increasing. 

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Art Lilly continues to provide individual pitching and hitting lessons.
For more info, please see the "Art Lilly's Softball Academy" section.

Art Lilly's Softball Academy




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