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Only If You Dare
The Extreme Tour   

 To use the means of Artistic Expression, Engagement, Connection,
Relationship, and Community to Demonstrate, and then Declare, God's Love,
and the “Hope and Future” of the Good News of the Gospel of Christ...


Director of The Extreme Tour and The Objective
Consider Your Calling", (App. 15 Min.)
This is a Message Ted shared at an Indie Artist Conference in Dallas, Texas. This Message represents the crux of our ministry's challenge to artists to "Seek First the Kingdom of God with their gifts, skills, and abilities 

Director of The Extreme Tour and The Objective
"Behind Enemy Lines", (App. 20 Min.)
This Message begins with audio from a Television Program we produced about homeless youth in the Pacific Northwest. The Message itself is a description and report on the establishment of our "Stitch's Cultural Project" Ministry. This is a long term ministry model we started in Salem, Oregon. We now also assist churches across the country in their efforts to reach out to the Counter Culture in their community by providing them with instruction, materials, and consultation to start similar projects in their community.

  "Go To Stitch's", (App. 5 Min.)
This is a Tribute Song written by a Stitch's Cultural Project Member who was a former gang member and regionally popular secular hip hop recording artist. He presented us with this song as a way to express how Stitch's had helped him. It's a revealing expression that demonstrates the response of secular youth to the Stitch's Cultural Project Model.

"Building A Firebreak" (App. 60 Min.)
Ted Bruun’s Story and Mission For Ministry
This is a Message I shared with "Firebreak", a Youth Ministry in Southern California which we were asked to consult and assist with the development of a fresh ministry Vision and Direction. It's relevant to a general audience researching our ministry in that I also share my story during this Message, and lay out some context and fundamentals our ministry applies in our outreach approach and strategies.

 Statement of Faith. Values, and Mission 

The Objective: Becoming a Movement, Join Us

The Objective is to pursue God first.  Not just with our lyrics, but with our lives.  To demonstrate and to declare His love; to proclaim His renown.  To live and make expression in a way that reflects that our calling is bigger than our music, a tour, a band, our "success" or even our art.  This mission shall be our anthem.  We will seek and serve God above all else.  We will not settle for less.

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Portion of
Email from Ted Bruun
                       on July 10, 2011

A couple of days ago, we sent you an email about the ways we would like to help you go after your Calling. Like a lot of emails we send,
there was a lot of information included. Made the email very lengthy. I know sometimes that means some folks are less inclined to read it, but the information is important, and we do not want to under inform you.

We felt that this information was so important that, for the first time ever, we are going to send the info out again in sections over the next few days. We are doing this because we really believe that these are ways we can help you significantly.    

Hopefully, by now, you have sensed our heart to respond to the Calling that God gave us to serve and equip the Artists He called to carry His Message. You should know that we serve artists out of a sense that God gave us this "Life Purpose" as a way to worship and serve Him with our actions and efforts. We find ourselves compelled just like you are with your art. It probably goes without saying, but there is no other motive here but to serve you as you serve the Lord. This is not a business for us. This is a Ministry. 

Please do not take the investment of time and effort by our team and friends lightly, though. Certainly we would ask and anticipate that you would receive it with respect for the sacrifice it represents, but we would also urge you to receive it, with Joy, as an encouragement towards your Calling ! After all, we know it is common for most artists to be surrounded by a few skeptics who question the validity and value of their art. (Perhaps you can relate.) Take heart then, that our prayerful offer of assistance is based on a Confidence we feel God has given us in you, your Calling, and most importantly, on Him who has called you


The Objective Movement
Nashville TN
 May 19-23, 2013
More Info to come

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  Ted Bruun

Ted Bruun


Director: The Extreme Tour, The Objective, Stitch's Cultural Project