Truckloads of Tools, Building Supplys, ECT.


Industrial Equipment and Supplies Customer Returns

  • Full 53' Truckload loaded to the MAX!

    * Multiple truckloads available weekly from a national industrial catalog company.

    * These are all unmanifested with no set price or value.

    * AS-IS Customer returns.

  • * FOB IL

Typical items found in these loads may include motors, lighting fixtures and accessories, lamps, chemicals, compressors, power washers, heater units, water pumps,

  • Filters, electrical supplies, material handling supplies, air conditioners, industrial tools, tool boxes, fans and blowers, janitorial supplies, water heaters, dollies and pallet jacks, etc....
  • Call or email for additional pictures LARGE FILE 10 MB. 30 pics
*Pictures Below are actual pictures of the load you will receive *
YOUR COST $13,000.00