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"Mike did an excellent job presenting a difficult and important topic. He was able to use humour, wit and feats of athleticism to hold student's attention for the full hour of the presentation."

J Ross, Vice Principal

Lakefield District Secondary School

"Mike's powerful message was perfectly balanced with light and comical elements. The feedback from the audience was very positive We strongly recommend Mike for your conference, event or school."

Peter Loughheed, Staff Supervisor

Lorne Park Secondary School (Leadership Conference)

"Mike gave two of the most incredible 50 minute presentations for approximately 1000 students and staff. Mike has an uncanny ability to draw in an audience with his sense of humour and antics before launching into very real issues for today's youth. We highly recommend Mike's Services."

Colleen Currier, SAC Advisor

Thomas A Stewart Secondary School

"Mike's presentation is polished and well-honed: his modulated voice, his pacing, his excellent interaction with the audience and his timely use of poignant life experience all result in a speech that carries his important message in an effective manner. Mike makes his audiences feel strong emotions that run the full gamut from light and funny to serious and profound."

Claude Remilliard, Teacher

Adam Scott CVI

"His presentation was energetic and inspiring. Mike's message is low key but to the point. The presentation was well received by both students and staff".

Mark Mahony, Vice-Principal

Osgoode Township High School

DynaMike has a way of ensuring that his audiences leave his show much happier than they were when they came."

Miki Striker, Artistic Director

Edmonton Fringe Festival

“Rave reviews were received from both the staff and students.”

Suzanne Morrison, Vice Principal

Mayfield Secondary School

“You have an amazing ability to make students laugh and think seriously about their actions. Students said your presentation was effective, touching, funny, and truly inspirational.”

Barbara McKay, IBT Program Coordinator

Gordon Graydon Memorial Secondary School

"While I heard many positives about your presentation prior to your arrival, I was still very pleasantly surprised. Please continue to work your magic with teens and staff as there is a real need for such messages and a shortage of talent appropriate to the high-school age group."

Ronald K Lynch, Principal

Hillcrest High School

"His performance was a tremendous hit. Our one regret was that we did not give him more time on the program"

Brain G Turner, Coordinator

Church Education System

"Mike is a dynamic and engaging performer. He thoroughly entertained our group with skill and energy."

Mike Rutter, Chief Accounting Officer

County of Peterborough