Schedule of Talks and Speakers

Winter 2019 Title Speaker
 Jan 29 Minimal spherical resultant for Lattes maps Ken Jacobs 
 Feb 12 Harmonic caps and conformal geometry Shuyi Weng
 Feb 19 TBA Dan Cuzzocreo
 Fall 2018  
  Aug 27  A point/motive count for moduli spaces of rational maps Khashayar Filom
  Sept 24  Orthogonal polynomials and dynamics Signe Jensen
  Oct 2  Height pairings, torsion points, dynamics Laura DeMarco
  Oct 16   Invariant graphs for rational maps Yan Gao
  Nov 13  Equidistribution and "almost" related points in elliptic curves Myrto Mavraki
  Nov 16 
  common room
  Special Event
  Equidistribution of chromatic zeroes
 Roland Roeder and
 Ivan Chio (IUPUI)
  Nov 27  Hubbard trees and quadratic polynomials Signe Jensen
  Dec 4  Orbit portraits and higher-degree polynomials Yan Gao 
 Spring 2018  
 April 9   Expanding maps of the circle Roland Roeder (IUPUI)
 April 23  Canonical height for dominant rational maps and arithmetic entropy Khashayar Filom
 May 7          Ramification in the Berkovich line    Ken Jacobs
 May 14  Harmonic measure and Caratheodory convergence Shuyi Weng
 May 17-20
 Lunt 107
  Special Event
 Complex and Arithmetic Dynamics Workshop
Fall 2017  
 Aug 28 - 29
  Iteration at the boundary of Newton's Method Hongming Nie (Indiana) 
 Sept 25  Complex dynamics and arithmetic invariants Ken Jacobs 
 Oct 2  Discontinuity of a degenerating escape rate  Laura DeMarco 
 Oct 9   Monotonicity of entropy for quadratic rational maps  Khashayar Filom 
 Oct 16   The Zipper algorithm  Shuyi Weng 
 Oct 30   Silverman's Diophantine approximation in orbits  Nicole Looper 
 Nov 6   A local approach to holomorphic dynamics  Jasmin Raissy (Toulouse) 
 Nov 27   Necklace structures in parameter space for z^n + \lambda/z^n Dan Cuzzocreo