Since 2010, Dylan Days has raised over $101,000 for local families going through a medical crisis.  This would not be possible without all of the volunteers, donors, and sponsors!!!  Thank each and every one of you that helps make this event a huge success each year, rain or shine!!

Dylan Days 2018 proceeds and donations will benefit Trinity Pulley, Sandra Stephenson, and Noah Cook. Trinity, age 8, was recently diagnosed with lymphoma. Sandra is battling stage IV breast cancer. Noah, age 7, has been diagnosed with leukodystrophy and is having to travel to Philadelphia for treatment. 

                    Trinity                     Sandra                              Noah


Dylan Days 2017 recipients were Susan Wells, Charlie Beaver, and Doug Hayes.


    Susan  Wells             Charlie Beaver             Doug  Hayes

Dylan Days 2016 beneficiaries were Harrison West, Angie Benthall, and Tommy Garner!!   


Harrison West                Angie Benthall      Tommy Garner

Dylan Days 2015 beneficiaries were Bella Berman and the family of Lisa Whitby. 

               Bella                                      Lisa

Dylan Days 2014 beneficiaries were Beth Peterson White and Robin Gupton Clay.

           Beth                                           Robin

 Dylan Days 2013 proceeds and donations went to Will Hawkins and the family of Blake Barnes. 
      Will Hawkins              Blake Barnes                                                      
2012  -  The family of
              Jerry Wells              and        Chris Dildy   

2011 -   The family of  Lisa Wright       

2010-   T. W. Chambliss