I am currently a Postdoc in the Economics Department at INSEAD and will be continuing there as an Assistant Professor of Economics this fall.

My research involves studying the effects of discrimination on job search and on-the-job productivity, the impacts of changing firm recruiting behavior on employment creation and the relationship between geographic mobility and unemployment. More recently, I have become interested in how the rich perceive wealth inequality and questions of redistribution.

News! (March 2019): Please check out my new Chaire SPP working paper on how discrimination affects job search both for and by minorities and how labor market intermediation can offset the ensuing loss in labor market matching efficiency.

News! (February 2019): I am very happy to announce that I have accepted a tenure track AP position in the Economics Departement at INSEAD starting next year. A very successful job search!

News! (September 2018): I was honored with the "Young Labour Economist 2018" prize by the European Association of Labour Economists for my job market paper, "Job Search and Intermediation under Discrimination: Evidence from Terrorist attacks." (Here is the new version!)

News! (May 2018): I am the laureate of the AFSE's Edmond Malinvaud Prize for my paper, "Discrimination as Self-Fulfilling Prophecy: Evidence from French Grocery Stores." (joint with Amanda Pallais and William Parienté). This is an annual prize given to an economist under 40 in France with the "best" paper published in an ECONLIT journal in the preceding year.