General Information

Dylan Fitz

Assistant Professor of Economics, Lawrence University

I teach courses in introductory economics, intermediate microeconomic and macroeconomic theory, Latin American economic development, political economy and economic development, effective altruism, and Latin American studies. Generally, my research analyzes the diverse causes of poverty, the potential impacts and limitations of anti-poverty programs, risk, learning, and technology adoption.

As an undergraduate, I majored in politics while receiving certificates in Latin American studies and political economy. For my senior thesis, I traveled to Brazil to research the Zero Hunger Program and agrarian reforms. Following college, I worked at The Food Project, a Boston-based non-profit that works with young people in sustainable agriculture.

In graduate school, I concentrated in development economics and social policy. My dissertation evaluated a recent land reform and a conditional cash transfer program in Brazil while focusing on the various causes of poverty. In addition, I collaborate on research utilizing experimental economics to evaluate the relationship between risk, ambiguity, learning, and the adoption of new technologies.

Current CV

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