About DRS

The history of Disaster Recovery Services

On Sunday, April 2, 2006 a tornado raged for 30 minutes in northwest Tennessee and the surrounding area, leaving sixteen dead in Dyer County and eight more in nearby counties. Fifty-two homes were destroyed, and hundreds more suffered significant damage.

The people of Dyer County mobilized to help those facing such immense loss and need. One group, working closely with local and federal officials as well as volunteers and various businesses, arose to help coordinate the recovery efforts.

This group was Disaster Recovery Services (DRS). In the weeks that followed the tornado of 2006, DRS connected donations of over $48,000 to help the victims of the tragedy. Through DRS, approximately 137 families received assistance in the form of appliances, bedding and furniture, home repairs, clothes, debris removal and assistance with utility payments and rent. 

DRS’s support continued beyond what was needed for day-to-day survival. DRS provided venues for victims of this tragic event to receive counseling and meet with others who shared that common experience through a Hope for Tomorrow barbecue as well as a Christmas party. Survivors also received Christmas trees and decorations.