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Two Billion Cars is a call to action. Entrepreneurs, engineers, policy-makers, and the public must work together to transform vehicles, fuels, and mobility. This book explores the global proliferation of vehicles and identifies innovative technologies and strategies to reduce oil use and pollution.


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My husband, Eric Patashnik, is a public policy scholar at UVA    

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I am currently nonresident senior associate in the Carnegie Endowment's Energy and Climate Program. For my recent analyses, events, and appearances, see my Carnegie website here.

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Current global transportation trends are not sustainable. Despite rhetoric about energy independence and climate stabilization, the fact is that vehicle sales, oil consumption, and carbon dioxide emissions are continuing to soar.


Deborah Gordon is a transportation policy consultant and author who has worked to develop and advance innovative transportation strategies and technologies for over 25 years. 

I am the author of two books: Two Billion Cars (with Dan Sperling) and Steering a New Course.


From clean car incentive programs to fuel efficiency standards and alternative fuels, my work with nonprofit organizations, foundations, governmental agencies, and the private sector encompasses policy analysis, strategic planning, technology transfer, technical assistance, and feasibility studies.


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Steering a New Course offers a comprehensive overview about how transportation, energy, and the environment are inextricably linked in America.

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