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Deborah Gordon, Policy Consultant 

 Specializing in Transportation, Energy, and the Environment

  • Driving Transportation Innovation is a report about what venture capitalists, entrepreneurs and industry leaders think will drive near-zero emission transportation innovation. While not a consensus document, there is general agreement among experts that a multi-faceted solutions toolbox – a mix of rules, incentives, RD&D, and other complementary policies will be needed to fully commercialize next generation transportation innovations.
  • How to Shrink Your Carbon Footprint Traveling on Vacation, published by the Union of Concerned Scientists, is the Go To source before you plan your next vacation in Getting There Greener
  • Mitigating the impacts of global warming: A fact sheet published by the Union of Concerned Scientists.
  • No trade-off is necessary between vehicle safety and fuel economy. Read about the opportunities available to us in Sipping Fuel and Saving Lives
  • Consumers and automakers need incentives to do the right thing. Feebates (combining fees with rebates) are one way to pull them in that direction. This policy is making headlines abroad. California and others have developed feebate policies. France and Canada have adopted them. Feebates: What they are and How they work

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Managing Motorcylces provides policy guidance on how national and local regulators can best manage the environmental impacts of their growing ranks of two- and three-wheelers through regulations, incentive and other strategies.

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