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Industrial Track - Diagnostic Problem II

Diagnostic problem II mimics the use of the ADAPT system in a redundant systems UAS mission. The primary objective of the diagnostic algorithm in this operational scenario is to provide decision support to a remote pilot or an autonomous  controller by making recommendations for fault recovery actions. This is the same problem as used for DXC10.

System Description
You may be confused that the system description document says "DXC10" instead of "DXC11". We are using the same problem formulation and description this year. Hence, DXC11 is a rematch of DXC10 and the write-up used last year applies without modification.

Sample Data (part 1, part 2)

The sample data provided here is the competition data from Diagnostic Problem II of DXC10. Some of the scenarios may be used for DXC11. The zip file has a spreadsheet (and pdf) that lists the scenarios and relevant fault information. Each scenario is provided in three formats: tab-delimited .txt file, Matlab .mat file, and tab-delimited .scn file. The different formats are provided for your convenience; they have the same data. The scenario (.scn) files are the format read by the DXC framework. See the system catalogs and schematics for additional information.